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"Melting blues and psych-rock together into a guitar-lickin’, face-meltin’ pool, the Mammoths sound a bit like the Black Keys on an acid microdose. They’ve recently taken their early-Zeppelin stage energy on the road supporting their debut EP Golden Spell."

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Mood Media



"The Mammoths are known for their “fiery unapologetic live shows” (a quote from AMF’s Alex Vallejo) so it’s no surprise that they delivered the liveliest performance we’ve seen on the Mean Eyed Cat stage."

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CBS Austin



" The Mammoths are making their mark on the Austin music scene with their original, fiery sound."

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Austin Music Foundation - Artist of the Month



"The Mammoths prove that rock ‘n’ roll is far from dead - in fact, it’s thriving within each member of this impassioned rock band. Their fusion of psychedelia and blues into a nod-worthy set of spellbinding and sharp tracks pushes them into the status of qualified rockers. From the deep, undisguised vocals of their song “Pocket” to the fiery, fast-paced jam of guitar and percussion in “So Cold”, they offer a little taste of everything in terms of killer songwriting and spirited, raw talent."

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Dallas Observer 



"...psychedelic rock outfit the Mammoths have become widely recognized, and for good reason. The quartet weaves soulful lyrics with rhythm and blues to create their sound..."

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Do 512



"After that South by Southwest jam session, the four never looked back – they knew they were destined to play music together and The Mammoths were born."